For additional information call 240-723-6573 
or email us at designerpuppylove.com
Our puppies are first generation Schnoodles F1.
Sorry we don't ship our puppies, we would like to meet the families that are adopting one of our babies. Some families fly in and out one of the 3 major airports in the area to get their puppy. Deposit is $ 200.00 and is not refundable but can be transfered to a different puppy.

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Available Puppies
This page was last updated: July 1, 2016
Our Dogs
1. We feed our dogs Royal Canine Puppy food, Van Patten's Ultra Premium Dog Food, and human grade chicken. We give nutritional supplements and vitamins to pregnant and nursing moms. Our nursing moms eat 3 to 4 times a day. A healthy start in life is a must!
2. Our dogs receive annual checkups, vaccinations, heartworm preventive, flea treatments, dewormings and dental cleanings. 
3. We bathe, brush and groom them often and they are loved and petted on a daily basis. They have play time and chewing toys. We love and pet our puppies even before they are born. We pet our pregnant moms often (studies have shown that puppies respond to petting of their mom's tummies). Our dogs health and happiness is our priority!
5. Puppies are born in my bedroom and are moved to the family room at 2 weeks. We check our puppies daily, clip their nails every 2 weeks, bathe them 2 or 3 times before they go home. They are in close daily contact with children, teens, adults and other dogs. Check the Family Pictures at the end of the home page!
4. Our dogs receive emergency and specialty veterinary care. They are rushed to the Vet if whelping complications arise. We have taken our dogs to Veterinary internists,  cardiologists, and surgery specialists when necessary.  We have had emergency hospitalizations to save our dogs regardless of cost.

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We feed our dogs  high quality foods (VanPatten's Natural Balance Ultrapremium dog food). Our puppies eat Royal Canin Mini Puppy food. These foods are expensive but we believe that good nutrition is essential for a healthy start in life!
Socialization of your puppy is essential! We handle our puppies daily and play with them often!  Once your puppy gets its booster vaccinations, we recommend that you take your new puppy to parks and car rides. Allow children and adults to pet your puppy. Go to puppy Kindergarden class to socialize with other puppies. Let your puppy play with friendly adult dogs! Take your puppy for daily walks. The key to a friendly well adjusted dog is SOCIALIZATION!
We offer lifetime custor support!
Puppies are not reserved until a deposit is received! We breed only a few litters per year and our puppies have high demand! We are hobby breeders and not a kennel!
We don't sell to puppy brokers.

 Make an appointment to come and see the puppies! 240-723-6573 We prefer texting! or email designerpuppylove@verizon.net Schnoodles are well tolerated by people with allergies. Very outgoing and playful! 
Price $  950.00