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About the time the puppies open their eyes we begin the socialization bonding protocol. Puppies are talk to with soft gentle voices. The puppies are cradled in our arms while laying on their backs and we gently rub their tummies. In this submissive position they learn to trust humans. We spend a lot of time with them.
All of our dogs have daily playtime, exercise, wholesome food, human interaction, and supervision.  Our dogs live inside our home with us.
Happy healthy parents and well socialized  puppies are our priority!
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 Just wanted to let you know that our puppy -- we have named her Hailey -- is doing great and the vet thinks she is very healthy.  She is really sweet and lots of fun.  Hailey is a wonderful dog -- she makes us all so happy! 

Hailey is the first puppy born at Designer Puppy Love!  She is 10 months old in this picture. Her mom is Tostitos and her dad is Chocolate. Thank you Mara and family in Maryland for giving her a great home!
Dear Maria,
I just wanted to express my total joy with our new puppy Molly..She is the cutest, sweetest, smartest puppy we could ever have imagined. She is everything you said she'd be. I want you to know how much I appreciated you making it such and easy and happy process for me. I cannot imagine it going any smoother than it did. 
Molly is healthy and happy here in California and I can say without a doubt that should we wish to add another puppy to our family, I'll be contacting you and only you! I have included couple of pictures of her in our backyard, I'd be thrilled if you wanted to post them and my note of appreciation. Thank you again, for our beautiful girl!
We enjoyed meeting her litter mates, they were so adorable! It was hard to not to want to take them all home with us, specially the teeny-tiny one.
Julie B.